I have been working with David Ivory for over 25 years and I must say I have enjoyed it immensely.  He is a great friend and an even greater talent.  David is a Grammy nominated Engineer who has worked with great artists such as the Roots, Silver Tide and Patti Labelle.  Together we have worked from Punk to Funk and everything in between.  Recently, we’ve been working on developing a new artist with an amazing sound and even more amazing story.

Francesca’s father became a victim of 9/11 and since then she has become a part of the organization for the families of 9/11.  In the near future she will be doing a big gala to commemorate her father and other victims from that day.   She is looking forward to debuting her new CD at the gala; bringing together her passion for music and family.  I am honored to have helped write and perform on her album and I look forward to seeing her blossom as an artist.