In the Fall of 2013, I applied for the Jazz Residency at the Kimmel Center. I am pleased to report that I was one of a select few chosen to be a part of the prestigious program. It was here that in the beginning in January of this year I, along with Dennis Guevara and Victor Pablo, wrote “The Journey.”

Fused with folklore and classical music, “The Journey” is a 60 minute long suite encompassing different movements. The labor of love took 6 months to complete and I am proud to say that it may be one of the most innovative, fresh and truly an amazing works I’ve ever collaborated on.

The piece was performed on June 21st during the summer solstice at Innovation Studios in the Kimmel Center. If you want to hear it, check it out on the Kimmel Center’s website.  It is one piece you’ll have to experience yourself to truly understand.  Trust me, you will not be disappointed.